Afghanistan's Female Olympian is not ready to lose her independence

The situation of Afghanistan is not hidden from anyone around the world. People there are in great terror and fear about their lives and future. Everyone fears that even if they manage to survive, still then it would be very difficult to live independently in the future in the presence of the Taliban. In the case of women especially, the Taliban have been seen for centuries to be strict. They do not allow certain activities of girls. Knowing about all this a female Afghan athlete, Friba Rezayee is not ready to give out her independence and wish to live and win the grounds as an athlete as she had been doing for years.

Friba Rezayee

She is an Afghan judoka who is considered to be one of the two athlete women who had played in the Summer Olympics and made history in 2004. She is the first women Olympian from a country like Afghanistan where peace is considered to be a dream but Friba had fought with all these hard times and made her recognized besides being a woman. Appreciating her entrance in the Olympics was even surprising for her family, which forced her father and brother to mark this entry as “the first step on the moon”.

Her efforts had not only made herself and her family proud, but it has formed an example for the feared women of Afghanistan to stand up for their dignity and move forward without fear. The time when she made her first steps was a time of fear and terror for the girls and women of Afghanistan.

Taliban and Olympic Games for Women

Since the first capturing of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1999, they banned girls from everything they were doing including the Olympian Games. It was because of the strict thoughts and rules of the Taliban for women which also included forbidding any type of games. This caused the Olympian of 2000 to be missed by Afghan women but later on in 2003, the IOC lifted these restrictions. In 2004, 5 Athens were sent to play in the Olympic Games, out of which Friba was one of the players and won a name for her country.

But since the Taliban have again taken control over Afghanistan so she fears the loss of women's independence concerning the Olympics. Although the Taliban are showing themselves as securers of Afghanistan up till now and allowed normal activities still there is no guarantee of their future actions as the past already shows their rigidness for women's games.

Friba Rezayee fears Taliban

It is natural for a woman to get fearful of the Taliban as they are considered to be human. Friday while talking about the Taliban says that “After they [the Taliban] settle down, they have their government established; they will go after the individuals who spoke against them”. As she had made her position in the Olympics by giving her blood and tears, therefore, she does not want to lose the upcoming opportunities just because of some uncultured and ill-mannered Taliban.

Talking about other Afghan athlete women she says “Recently, the Afghan female athletes visited the dojo (judo training gym). They held each other's hands. They hugged each other. They also kissed the mats because that was the last time they're going to see them and that was the last day of their freedom”. She further says that “They're also sending me messages, pleading for their life, for their safety. All these women leaders or human rights, women's rights activists want to flee the country. They want to flee the Taliban for obvious reasons”.




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