Apple Ear Pods Pro

Apple Ear Pods pro is one of the best wireless headphones by Apple. Apple announced this beautiful pair of headphones in 2019 which has been in top trends among apple users. These air pods work with Bluetooth and have an H1 processor. It also has a microphone which makes these air pods capable of gaming and calling.


Features of Apple Ear Pods Pro

Transparency Mode

It is obvious that when you use headphones, it creates a blockage of sound from the outside world. But this amazing set of ear pods gives transparency mode which you can use to hear the outside world and inside music at the same time.

Customizable Tips

Apple gives you three extra pairs of customizable tips of different sizes. You can easily use the size you want. Also, the tips are soft and easy to use.

Water and sweat-resistant

If by chance your Apple Ear Pods pro falls in the water, don’t you worry because they will not be damaged because they are water-resistant. Your sweat because of the long usage of ear pods will also cause no harm to your ear pods.

Adaptive EQ

It is one of the best features of these amazing ear pods. This feature tunes the music which suits your ear make-up to give you a better experience of music.

Easy Set-up

This latest version of ear pods has easy settings and mechanisms which makes them fit with each and every Apple device easily.

Support Siri

 These ear pads give access to easy voice recognition. You can start just by calling Siri.

Wireless charging case

This pair of Apple ear pods come with a wireless charging case which gives you the ease of charging your ear pods many times without needing to connect with the charger.


Specifications of Apple Ear Pods Pro

  • Built-in Microphone
  • Carrying and charging case
  • In-ear Headphones
  • 4.5 hours battery life and battery case gives 24-hour battery security
  • Ear cushions
  • Bluetooth Wireless connectivity with 5.0 version
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Controls for track change and call accepting
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • True Wireless
  • Active Noise Cancelling


Pros and cons of Apple Ear Pods Pro




Transparency Mode

No sound isolating

Supports Siri

Only in white color

The music fits your ear shape




1: Will Apple Ear Pods profit in my small ears?

Yes, there is no chance that these ear pods do not fit in your ears. It is because they come in 3 different size tips which enable you to fit these ear pods in your ears of any size.

2: Can I get 3 ear pods?

Yes, you can get three ear pods. You can easily select a number of ears and get the ear pods depending on your number of ears.

3: Can I use the ear pods for a call?

Yes, you can use these ear pods for calling as they do have a built-in mic.



Apple keeps on introducing new and advanced gadgets almost every year. Apple Ear Pods Pro is also one of the products of Apple that is going to surprise you with its extra battery life and many other useful features. They work with all Apple devices, very efficiently, making your experience of sound the best than ever.


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