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Being a beginner to making a website and listening to a heavy word of “web hosting” may shake up your mind, but just calm down because we will tell you what is web hosting. You might know that before building a house we need to purchase a plot that is a certain piece of land on which we are allowed to construct our house. Similarly, web hosting is the same plot provided by a web hosting company to you, so that you can store files and data of your website on that place which is a web server.

Web hosting Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best website hosting companies that allocates a specific web server with a name of your choice known as a domain so that you can store your products catalog or blogs on that server. It also provides other services needed for a website to be viewed on the internet. Other features which are provided by this hosting company are Email Accounts, FTP Access, Word press support, domain purchasing, hundreds of themes to give your website a look that you desire, 24/7 help, free SSL, malware detection, automated security updates, and much more. Let us have a look at more information about Bluehost like how to start with it and its pros and cons.


Bluehost Sign-Up

Starting up with it is the easiest thing in the process of making a website, all you have to do is follow these 3 steps and you are all set to earn a lot of money by listing your services, products, and blogs on your website, hosted by this advanced hosting company. These are the steps which you have to follow:

  • Name your website

This means that you have to give your website a name according to your business. The name you give to your website is a domain which you have to purchase but Bluehost gives the opportunity of a free domain name for one year to its new users.

  • Select a design template and theme

As this hosting company cares for its customers and believes in satisfaction, therefore it allows its user to choose from free or premium themes and templates according to their needs and type of website.

  • Select a hosting plan

Bluehost provides its users with a range of payment plans. Each plan has its benefits, a specific duration, and the amount of money to pay.

Should you choose Bluehost?

Everything has its good and bad things. Similarly although, it is a very popular and beneficial web hosting company still it has its pros and cons. To decide whether Bluehost is suitable for you or not, the best thing is to consider both the good and bad sides of this hosting company to make a better decision.

  • Bluehost Pros:

          Bluehost gives its users a wide range of benefits, with many things free and unlimited. It provides you assistance no matter if you are a writer who wants to convey his feelings through a blog site, or you are a businessman who wants to sell online or you want to have any other type of business, it is always there for you. Some of the pros of Bluehost are:

  • It offers many different plans for each type of hosting so you can choose from the plan that fits you the best.
  • It offers a lot of benefits at a very reasonable price and the best quality.
  • It gives a free domain name for the first year.
  • It has several themes from which you can choose easily.
  • It is directly linked with WordPress.
  • Its server is fast enough to avoid any type of glitches and users' time because it comes with amazing uptime.
  • There is the option of auto backup which helps to prevent data loss in case of any problem.

Bluehost Cons:

Describing all the good facts and hiding the bad ones would be like telling a fairy tale where there is no bad ending at all. Some of the pros of Bluehost are:

  • Comparing the prices of this hosting company with others there might be an elevation in the prices. But if you are more focused on quality then you should compromise on prices.
  • The plan renewal prices of Bluehost are also high as it should offer some discounts to second-time purchasers.
  • Some of the things which Bluehost claims to be unlimited are not unlimited.



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