Eliud Kipchoge praises technology to help moving forward

Eliud Kipchoge, who is one of the marathon world record holders and additionally an Olympic champion, is of the view that it is the technology that will help athletes to grow with time and make new records. He says that we cannot move forward without praising technology.

Reasons behind Eliud Kipchoge praising technology

Eliud is a Kenyan athlete runner who had won gold in one of the tournaments in Tokyo. Tokyo is having a humid environment which makes it difficult for a runner athlete to run as he should for defeating others. So this marathon record holder athlete had used Nike specially designed shoes that helped him in running like an athlete in such humid conditions and let him win gold for his country. This forced the athlete to embrace and praise the technology to make it possible seemed to be impossible and raised a debate about “technology doping” among athletes.

Kipchoge while talking to the media says that “If we don't embrace technology then we are not moving... I know regulations will be there but technology should take center stage. Let all athletes have top technology, have top innovation. That's the only way to think and try to improve your performance”. Eliud's shoes have become a subject of debate for everyone because they had played a big role in the success of this athlete and made it possible for him to make a marathon in less than two hours in 2019.

Other athletes about this statement

While Kipchoge is busy praising the technology that made it possible for him to make a marathon, on the other hand, some other athletes who do not agree with him are giving statements against it. Karstelm Warholm, who himself is a winner of the 400 meters hurdle title in world record time, is not agreeing with the statement of Eliud, says that “When somebody does a great performance now, everybody will question if it's the shoe, and that is the credibility problem”. This statement seems to show the sadness of the athlete, because according to him for a runner, the shows take all the credit in case of any kind of good performance.

Further reviews of Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud had already spent 36 years of his life on earth and had a beautiful thought about mankind, and that is “no human is limited”. This thought depicts that he is one of the athletes who do not proud themselves of being successful rather they love to consider themselves as normal, just like other human beings. He explains his thought by saying that “(This) is a huge message, not facing sportsmen and sportswomen alone. It's all around, it touches every profession... my lasting legacy will be purely about inspiration because that's what I want to drive in the mind of every human being in this world”.

Talking about retirement he explains his thoughts that he is not yet ready to take any retirement because still feels healthy and is enjoying winning the medals. He says that “I am being inspired by many people, the footballers, (Cristiano) Ronaldo is doing well (at 36), (Lewis) Hamilton is still very sharp as far as Formula One is concerned, Valentino Rossi is driving in the MotoGP at 42”.


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