Health Benefits of Living with a Cat

Cats are considered to be the most common pets after dogs. The reason behind this is the friendly and loving nature of the cats that creates a love among cat owners for them. Although cats are said to be non-loyal and very much bossy still they have a huge fan following because of the love they show to their owners. Cats prove to be a great emotional support for people who are going through any kind of emotional distress. But besides this, keeping a cat in your house can give you some health benefits too. So let us have a look at those health benefits.

  • Helps To Fight With Stress

Keeping a cat in the house helps the owners to fight loneliness and anxiety because cats are so lovely creatures. Cats have the ability to make their owners happy and relaxed. Purring is also a mysterious and miraculous quality of cats that is actually a weird kind of sound that comes from inside of their body whenever they feel loved.  According to some researchers, this sound creates specific kinds of healthy waves that help to heal the body and mind of their owners. So keeping a cat will help you to get out of the stress because of your life problems.

  • Increase Immunity

This might sound weird but yes, keeping a cat in your house helps to boost up the immunity that helps you to fight better with the diseases. Also, cats have a lot of dander and allergens on their body. These allergens can disturb the immune system of a person who is not already allergic to these allergens have a chance of naturally increasing his immunity because of constant exposure to allergens and dander.

  • Manages Blood Pressure

The fact behind this benefit is that when cats are around you, they make you feel relaxed and as a result, they help you to lower your blood pressure because a calm mind would have balanced blood pressure.  According to some research ideas, when cat owners communicate with their cats, it keeps their blood pressure balanced and lowered. So if you are a patient with hypertension then you must keep a cat as a pet.

  • Increases Heart Health

When cats keep your blood pressure normal, it is obvious that balanced blood pressure will keep your heart in a good condition. According to research held in the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute, those people who keep cats at their homes have 30-40% less chance of a heart attack. This means that when you keep a cat at your home as a pet, it adds to the health benefit without even letting you know.

  • Helps To Avoid Strokes

A stroke is a very bad condition for a person and may lead to death but when a cat owner pets his cat and feels loved by his cat the chances of getting a stroke decrease. The people, who do not have a cat, are at more risk to get a stroke than the cat owners. 

  • Act as Therapy

Most people have a stressed life and need to have some therapies to live a healthy life. But in case you have cats at your home, they will act as your therapists and heal you. When you pet a cat your body releases oxytocin hormone that is also called love hormone that induces relaxing feelings and let your mind heal from stress.


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