How to maintain healthy intimate relationships

In the modern world, it has become a norm to be connected to thousands of people through social media, but out of all these, it is very few people with whom you share that special connection you can label as intimate or personal. 

What are intimate relationships?

Intimate relationships are those where one shares either an emotional, or a physical connection or relationship with someone. 

These relationships ask for you to accept each other as who you are, and build amongst yourselves a feeling of mutual trust, care, and respect. 

Where people often mistake intimate relationships as sexual ones - the truth is that they may or may not be sexual. It can be your parent, sibling, relative, or even a friend, that you feel connected with emotionally. 

People however, often do not realise the importance of these relationships in their lives until they are gone. In order to maintain a healthy life, it is equally necessary that you know how to maintain healthy intimate relationships

The question now arises, how to maintain healthy intimate relationships?

  • Self love:

Many relationship experts believe that the first step towards any healthy relationship with someone else is to build one with yourself - based on love. You cannot love someone, or be loved until you learn how to love your own self. 

Before doing it for someone else - respect yourself, care for yourself, and most importantly, pamper yourself. Be confident, and be proud of who you are.

  • Mutual efforts:

Relationships do not work one way - a bond can only remain healthy as long as it works both ways. Mutual efforts are what hold relationships together.

 Always remember; efforts are a must!

  • Acceptance:

It is necessary to accept one another as the rawest versions of their true selves. Adjustments are necessary in relationships, but when one has to completely change themselves to please another, such relationships are considered toxic. 

In healthy relationships, one should not be embarrassed to accept their guilty pleasures for an example, or even be afraid to talk about their real selves.


  • Communication:

The key to healthy relationships is communication. Those who communicate better, understand each other even better. This helps develop trust and mutual affection.

Any relationship with a communication gap is most likely to make both, or at least one of those involved suffer the consequences. It is most likely to crumble apart. Communication is what truly holds relationships together. 

Talk, and listen to heal this gap amongst yourselves. 

  • Honesty and trust:

Whether it is your mother, or your friend - make sure you are both completely honest to one another to avoid any miscommunication or trust issues. Trusting comes with being honest. 

Regardless of all stated, there are no exact rules that guarantee a healthy relationship. Do all that you need to construct a bond that makes you both happy as long as the efforts are mutual. Always be compassionate and show affection whether it is a sister who eats your leftovers or a friend who always pranks you. Life is too short, and these relationships closest to you are what make it worth living!




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