How to pack a healthy lunchbox

Amongst the necessities of living a healthy life - a healthy diet tops them all. It is necessary that we manage our diet and everyday meals in such a way that ensures a fine supply of nutrition to keep us moving. While you’re home, it is easy to manage your meals, but during office hours, or the time spent away, we often end up buying ourselves loads of junk foods to eat - which indeed is a quite unhealthy practice. 

For such situations, one can prepare a lunchbox beforehand and take it along to eat at meal times. This way, they end up saving money, and ensure a nutritious meal for themselves.

If you too are wondering how to pack a healthy lunchbox - you are at the right blog.

Read along for tips and tricks for packing a healthy lunchbox.


What to include:

Fresh fruits:

Always include fresh fruit or canned/processed fruits in your meals. Slices of mangoes, half cut grapes, blueberries, or sliced melon! Include in any fruit of your choice. Dry fruits work too!


Go for plain veggies or mixed salads, anything you prefer! Add in dips and sauces, and garnish them with spices and oils for an improved taste and texture.


A cheese stick, or a small cup of custard - add foods that correspond to the dairy food group. A little bit of yogurt hurts no one! Freeze it beforehand and enjoy a quick snack during your meal. Add in cheese slices to your sandwiches, or take with you a cold milk for a drink. 

A meat/protein food:

Add in something that is a source of protein to balance the nutritious value of your meal. A chicken steak, a beef gravy, slices of ham, or even a hard boiled egg - all are eminent sources of protein.

Starchy food:

Any food that contains starch becomes a source of energy for you to function more healthily. Add in breads; whole wheat, italian, parmesan or milk bread along with cakes, muffins and cupcakes.


It is the most ordinary component of one’s diet, yet the most necessary one. Almost all of your bodily processes cannot happen without the direct or indirect involvement of water. Take a water bottle with you at all places to ensure hydration at all hours of the day. 

Things to ensure when packing lunch:

  • Use an insulated lunch box, or one that has an ice pack to ensure your food does not gets spoiled.
  • Maintain hygiene when setting up your lunch.
  • Prepare them beforehand for an easier routine.
  • Make sure the perishable items are placed in a fridge or refrigerator.
  • Keep varying your lunches everyday and create new meals often.
  • Do not add any food that you may be allergic to.
  • You can always add a quick snack for yourself!


With these tips, you are now good to go. No need to spend hundreds of dollars each month on lunches at restaurants - pack one beforehand and carry it along with yourself wherever you go. Save money, and add nutritious value to your meals.



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