Insignia Retro Mini Fridge

Insignia Retro Mini Fridge adds to the new fashion and needs for mini-fridges. It comes with a new and advanced design and features. Mini fridges are not a new thing but their usage is now starting to expand. This advanced mini fridge allows you to enjoy the facility of a fridge even on a small budget, or if you live alone then you must try to have this mini fridge instead of a large one. It is not only for home users but also very useful in other areas like an office cabin, a hotel room, or teacher cabins. The use of a fridge in such spaces is often just to have cold water and some eatables, and a mini-fridge is just perfect for this function.

This latest mini-fridge of Insignia comes in a size of 3.1 feet that is enough for a mini-fridge. This mini-fridge is more than just a fridge, as its beautiful design and color, enhance the look of your home, hotel room, or office cabin. It comes with a top freezer which allows you to super freeze anything you want. Its small size has not compromised its quality and function, because only its body is small but it works in the same way as a normal fridge does. It gives you a drawer inside it to let you store your fruits, vegetables, or eatables in it without creating a mess. Its refreshing cool mint color adds to the beauty of your surroundings.


Features of Insignia Retro Mini Fridge

  • Retro charm

The features that give this fridge a retro charm are the metal handles and its refreshing mint green color.

  • Spacious in a small size

Although it is a mini-fridge still it allows you to store a lot of products. Additionally, it also has a drawer in the lower portion allowing you to organize your items better.

  • Freezer

This mini fridge gives you a small freezer providing you the full fridge feel and advantages.

  • Glass Covered Crisper

The glass cover helps to lock the humidity and thus helps in keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period.

  • Shelves

Insignia Retro Mini fridge gives you a total of two shelves so that you can organize your items well in a small fridge.

  • Door racks

Besides racks within the fridge, it also gives you even more space to place more things in your mini-fridge.

  • Interior lights

Just like other fridges, this mini fridge offers no fewer features. It offers an interior light to give your fridge brightness.

  • Temperature Control

You can easily set the level of coolness of your mini-fridge, you can control whether you want your fridge more or less cool.

  • Ice-Tray and scoop

When you purchase a fridge, of course, you want to freeze water to make ice cubes. So this efficient mini-fridge comes with an additional ice cube tray and a scoop to clear out the access ice on the walls of the freezer.


Specifications of Insignia Retro Mini Fridge

  • 33.5-inch height
  • 18.9-inch width
  • Compact style
  • Incandescent Light
  • Mint Green color
  • Dial for Temperature control
  • Manual Defrost
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Swing Doors
  • 115 Volts Voltage
  • 322-kilowatt hours of Electricity use annually
  • 12 months warranty



Insignia Retro Mini Fridge is the best choice for you if you want to have the comfort of a refrigerator that captures lesser space with complete fridge qualities. This would be a better choice for you as with its amazing features, it comes in a super cool color.


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