Razer- Kraken Wired 7.1Surround sound gaming Headset

Time has changed the meaning of games, as games are now more a digital form rather than physical. Many recent games do not just include using your keyboard and mouse, but because of online games, a player needs to communicate with his teammates to earn success and increase his followers. To get clear commands and share your commands with the other teammates, a gamer needs a good gaming headset with a proper professional mike. Razer Kraken has launched its latest technology gaming headset that is Razer Kraken Wired 7.1 Gaming Headsets with an affordable price and excellent quality. Enriched with a good quality microphone, this amazing gaming headset comes at an affordable price. It is composed of memory earpieces that give you comfort while wearing them, allowing you to wear them easily for long hours without any discomfort. Its high-quality stereo sound gives you a real sound effect. It gives a microphone that can easily be stored away when you do not require using it.


Features of Razer Kraken Wired 7.1 Gaming Headsets

  • 50 mm Drivers

This headset comes with custom-tuned drivers which help to give you clear deep surround sound.

  • Retractable Microphone

Razer Microphone comes with an attached microphone that can easily be detached from the ear cup so that when you are not using your microphone, you can easily get rid of them by detaching.

  • Cooling gel-infused

This gaming headset has an advanced feature that is the cooling gel cushions that prevent heating up your ears with long usage.


Specifications of Razer Kraken Wired 7.1 Gaming Headsets

  • Stereo sound
  • Wired headset
  • Built-in microphone
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Play stations, and X boxes
  • Isolating sound
  • 12 Hz minimum frequency response
  • 28 kHz maximum frequency response
  • 32-ohm Impedance
  • 118-decibel sensitivity
  • Volume controls
  • Memory Foam
  • 2 years warranty


Pros and Cons of Razer Kraken Wired 7.1 Gaming Headsets




Suitable for gaming

No case

Affordable price

Unfold able design

Soft earpiece for long-wearing

Wired headset

Compatible with many operating systems

Earcups cannot rotate

Easy controls




1: Can I adjust it according to my face?

It allows you to adjust the band according to your head size but unfortunately, you cannot set and rotate the ear cups to fit your face.

2: Can I use this headset for other purposes rather than gaming?

 Yes, you can easily and efficiently use these for other purposes like live calls or listening to some audio or videos.

3: Is this headset compatible with X box?

Yes, they are very much compatible with X box to give you a good gaming experience.

4: Does this works with an iPad?

Yes, this headset is compatible with all Android, Apple mobiles, and iPads.



Razer Kraken Wired 7.1 surround and sound gaming headset is professionally designed for gamers, giving them a clear voice for gaming. It is very much suitable for professional gaming as it gives soft earpieces which are suitable for long-time gaming without giving your ears discomfort. Together with other useful features, it is worth buying even if you are not a gamer because it helps you make clear-voiced meetings and calls.


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