Sarah Storey, one of the top Paralympic gold medalist

In the ongoing Paralympics 2021 in Tokyo, many athletes are making their fortune.  A winner of 14 gold medals already, Sarah Storey had achieved her 15th gold medal with a remarkable distinction. She left behind her competitors in cycling very efficiently in a 3000m individual pursuit leaving. Her winning made Tully Kearny, Reece Dun and Tony Shaw win two silvers and bronze respectively. There is no doubt that she has worked hard to break her record.

Sarah Storey

Sarah has served her life to the Paralympics while playing different games and winning gold for her country. Her multiple gold medals make her one of the successful women athletes of Britain. She had won her first Paralympic gold medal at the age of 14 in 1992 when she won in Barcelona as a swimmer for the first time. Till then she had continued her journey and is continuously winning gold on gold and making her family and country proud. She turned towards cycling in 2005 but before that she had tried her luck in four different games and always won.

Sarah’s Reviews about her recent achievement

There is no doubt that Sarah and her country as up till now she is the first to win gold for Britain this year, is overwhelmed by the great win she had made at the Paralympics, Tokyo this year. She herself says about her victory that “I came here with a really solid plan of what I wanted to do and I've delivered it, so it kind of blows your mind a bit. I talked before about breaking your personal best -- in my case a world record -- a small margin at a time. And I just knocked 4.3 seconds off”.

After making a distinction in cycling, she is now preparing herself for the road race which she herself disclosed “I've done so much training, and everyone's been reminding me how much work I've done and how I deserve to be that fast, but you don't like to presume," she added. So it took me by surprise, but a good surprise. I think about one race at a time and maybe I'll think about these things afterwards. But it does feel pretty surreal”.  Currently, she is a 43-year-old lady and winning her 15th gold medal at this age is such a remarkable success. She is still looking forward to two more events in the Paralympics to increase her number of gold and rise the name of her country.

While talking about her success she appreciated her family members who had supported her a lot, it made her cry being emotional on the thought of being apart from her family for making such a distinction.  She explains that “It is really, really hard. I Face timed them [the family] last night... It is harder now because you can’t see them and share it with them and all of the things they put up with”.

Her husband also shared his feelings about his wife’s success and says that I am "incredibly proud of"  "staggering" achievement and said even he is still amazed at her work ethic. He further says that “I still don't fully understand how she has so much drive and motivation to still succeed and win as she does at the age of 43”.


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