Why planting trees is more important now

Trees are something that can be considered a synonym for the word ‘life’. Trees have so many benefits for us that we cannot even count and repay them. From day one on this planet earth's trees are the most important creatures responsible for aiding every organism in its survival whether they are birds, animals, or humans. Because trees are home to birds, food to animals and have millions of benefits for humans. The time in which we are living now requires attention towards planting trees on earth, or else we all might die soon. Here are a few reasons why we should plant more trees.

  • Global Warming

Global warming is the overall increase in the temperature of the earth. Many years back the earth’s average temperature was much cooler than it is now. Various human activities and inventions have disturbed the natural climate of our earth which is causing an increase in temperature more than ever. Human activities like deforestation, use of vehicles, heat from factories, everything has made our climate worse.

According to some of the recent research on climate change, in upcoming years like up to 2100, there will be a 3 to 4-degree increase in the average temperature of the earth and a time will come when our ecosystem will be so much disturbed that we will not be able to reverse it. So now is the time when we have to plant more and more trees if we want to survive and reduce the temperature rise because trees are the temperature regulators of the environment.

  • Prevent Flooding

With the rise of global warming, the glaciers that were also playing a great role in balancing the temperature of the earth are also melting drastically. All of the water which is increasing because of the increase in melting of glaciers is going to flood the world and is already flooding it. Because of this, there is an increase in rains which also adds to the disasters of floods.

Trees can regulate the rains and floods, therefore, we should plant more trees now to save our world from the disasters of floods.

  • Reduce Pollution

Humans are creatures that have extremely destroyed the planet earth very badly. We have a lot of machinery and factories which add to the air pollution of our environment. A polluted environment and polluted air cause a lot of diseases and lungs problems. Trees are a gift of God that cleans the air by capturing carbon dioxide from the air that badly affects our environment and our body.

Besides capturing carbon dioxide, trees also release a good amount of oxygen which is an essential gas for the respiration of many organisms around us. So it is obvious that we need to plant trees to breathe fresh air rather than polluted ones.

  • Forests are burning

Looking at the past few years we can see that many natural forests around the world have burnt causing a drastic change in the environment and a lack of trees, thus destroying the environment even more. Forests in Amazon, Australia, Morocco, Turkey, and many other places have caused a decrease in the number of trees and also a drastic change to the environment, and a severe lack of oxygen.

So to compensate for this decrease in the number of trees can only be fulfilled by planting more and more trees.


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